Cropton Forest event – Saturday 21st April – map now available – enter now!

The weather’s warmed up and it’s time for our first league event of 2018!

Enter online here by midnight Wednesday – save £1, secure your map!

Don’t forget to renew your BMBO membership before the event even if entering on the day

This is the first event in the 2018 NYMBO series.
The event centre is at KELDY CABINS YO18 8HW; 5 miles north of the A170 at Pickering.
3 hour event.
REGISTER 11.30 – 12.45 STARTS 12.00 – 13.00
There is a café at Keldy Cabins courtyard next to the start so should be hot drinks and snacks available before and after the event.

Event parking is on the forest road north of the cabins. Please be aware that this is also one of the possible routes for riders leaving the start or returning to the finish so take great care and give way to riders.

Andy Parsons’ planner’s update:

Cropton Forest March 2018

There was snow on the ground when I rode the course to check out control sites back in March. I’m sure the on the day the snow will be long gone and the routes a lot faster than I rode it. However, given all the recent rain the smaller tracks will be slow or very slow and so best avoided. Some of the steep sections of single track are very technical and slippery so please take due care, especially the routes down into Newtondale on the eastern edge of the map. The great thing about Cropton and Newtondale Forests is the network of gravel forest tracks with plenty of fast riding route choice.

Most of the controls are situated on or close to gravel forest roads or a minor road, which should allow you to take some fast routes around the forest. There are a few controls on potentially linked by softer route, so think carefully over the direction you travel to visit these. Even if there are shorter routes between controls cutting across between main tracks it will generally be quicker to take longer routes on harder tracks.


1 thought on “Cropton Forest event – Saturday 21st April – map now available – enter now!

  1. stevewillis3

    We’ve only got 38 pre-entries and online entries have now closed. Tim has printed 50 maps and descriptions so please email nymboevents@btinternet if you want a late entry.


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