Results from today’s event in Nidderdale

Results from today’s sunny event are here – much better riding conditions than the last time we were here! Full report to follow.

9 thoughts on “Results from today’s event in Nidderdale

  1. Ruth Walton

    Hi NYMBO – really enjoyed the event yesterday, but need to ‘fess up as I realised later when I had another look at the map, that my route from control 50 to control 43 was in an out of bounds area. Blame it on ageing eyesight and very detailed map. There were at least a couple of others did the same. Had I realised, I would probably still have gone for it on the road as I had 10 mins to play with, but may have incurred penalties. Luckily no-one else in my category, so no-one affected by this.

    1. reg0805

      I think it has been acknowledged that the crosses indicating “out of bounds” are too small and no doubt Tim will look at this for future events.
      I think the bridleways are better highlighted as Tim does them rather than the green the way they were with Jens.

      1. Tim Evans

        All, Thanks for the comments, I agree I made the little crosses too small I also almost road down the route from 31 to 51. They are much bigger on the Kildale map. I like the shading on 1:50,000 maps and will continue to use it ( I will also make the soft ground O’s bigger) but we are going to try the Kildale map which is 1:25,000 with no shading on the bridleways as they are clear anyway, the paths we can use in forests and moorland tracks will be black lines as normal. Happy for any feedback in advance Cheers Tim

    2. stevewillis3

      Hi Ruth
      Thanks for your honesty and I’ll just deduct the 15 points for #43. I think there were 3 other riders did the same so I hope they let me know. I nearly made the same mistake as we had used those tracks in previous events (but the landowner wanted £1000 this year). I realised when I was checking my map at #40 so had to alter my intended route which is why I went past 34 and 40 twice!!

  2. Simon Carr

    Thanks to all who put on yesterday’s event.
    The area was stunningly beautiful in the May sunshine and yesterday, being almost car less for some reason, was a joy to ride. Although I have to say there were many occasions when the temptation to stop riding was very hard to resist…. The lineup of BBQs and beer in Mickley only resisted because they hadn’t quite got going at that point…and the two games of cricket, one on an impossibiy small ground, but both serving refreshments…
    I will most certainly be back for a more leisurely wander through this most beautiful of areas.

  3. Steve Webb

    Thanks for a really enjoyable and well organised event in a lovely area looking at its best in early summer. This was my first attempt at MTBO after years of foot-O and I was very impressed with the mileage achieved by the top performers. My own effort was hampered by a rear wheel puncture between 56 and 51 and I really need to add swift inner tube changes to my skillset! But every rider who came past at that point asked if I was OK and I appreciated their concern and sportsmanship.
    I’ll certainly look out for other events if my current injury keeps me out of running.

  4. Neil Reed

    Planners Comments:
    It was great to see so many people out for this event, both those who wanted to take advantage of the glorious weather as well as those looking to avoid the Royal Wedding !
    Fortunately the riding conditions were much drier and faster than those I encountered during my planning rides in March and April.
    I felt the course was quite challenging in terms of route choice and this seem to be reflected in the results with a wide variety of route choice evident. I did place quite a few high value controls in the north west corner to encourage riders in that direction and then decide if they had the time or legs to take in West Tansfield and North Tansfield.

    Thanks for the many positive comments and feedback – it does make a difference !

    Also thanks to all the volunteers at registration/download/car parking/control collecting: Steve, John, Geoff, Alistair, Paul, Tim, Conrad and Gill.

    Neil Reed

  5. Steve Green (@stonivale)

    Thanks to all those who put in hard work planning, setting up (and tearing down) the event. It was a fantastic day with gorgeous off road stuff. I probably could have got a higher score if I had stuck to the roads more but I was enjoying myself too much

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