Nidderdale report | League after 2 events | Next event June 16th

Conrad and Jill are busy planning the next event in the Cleveland Hills on Saturday June 16th – usual details will follow in the next couple of weeks, but you can get your entry in now by visiting this link.

The league after two events is here LEAGUE 2018 after 2 events

Nidderdale report:

Here are Neil’s comments and the control map from the last event, you can also read other comments and post your own here

It was great to see so many people out for this event, both those who wanted to take advantage of the glorious weather as well as those looking to avoid the Royal Wedding !
Fortunately the riding conditions were much drier and faster than those I encountered during my planning rides in March and April.

I felt the course was quite challenging in terms of route choice and this seem to be reflected in the results with a wide variety of route choice evident. I did place quite a few high value controls in the north west corner to encourage riders in that direction and then decide if they had the time or legs to take in West Tansfield and North Tansfield.

Thanks for the many positive comments and feedback – it does make a difference !

Also thanks to all the volunteers at registration/download/car parking/control collecting: Steve, John, Geoff, Alistair, Paul, Tim, Conrad and Gill.

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