Ingleton Report – Well that was different to last year!!


Ingleton Event

Thank you for all the comments after the event, I hope you are all now suitably re-hydrated and those that started early to watch another sport straight after finishing enjoyed that as well. First of all apologies for the position of control 56, the control description was correct but it was about 50m south of where it was shown on the map. Only one person told me 42 was also on the wrong side of the building, the map had already gone to the printers when I realised that the disused barn was occupied and they may not appreciate you lot making the box go beep.

I must thank the following: Simon Coiley for not only putting controls out on his way to the event but collecting the furthest ones after he had raced. The other control collectors, Steve and Andrea Foster, Jill Ellison, Graham Tibbot and Ray Morris.  Geoff Moorhouse for manning the download and registration , Alastair Copeland for sorting out parking and Edwyn Oliver-Evans for doing the starts so well whilst I put out the last controls. Also to Debby at OGUG for sourcing the room and booking it for us although leaving me next to a bakery for 6 hours is never going to end well.

I was glad you all seemed to enjoy the route choice, after last year I decided we should try and avoid the 3 peaks walk route as much as possible so I took out the track NE of Horton for that reason, even then I heard some stories of groups of walkers blocking roads.  I also wanted to add some tracks to the area south of the A65 as I don’t think we use it enough and the underpass in Clapham was a welcome find, I also understand some found it a welcome cooling down spot and sat in the river.

Congratulations to Graham Tibbot for his score of 503 and I was pleased he didn’t clear up but thought he might. Well done to the other class leaders, Ben and Stephen Collins in Generation, Mark Chryssanthou in M40, Mark Rowley in M50, Chris Swift in M60, Roger De Faye in M70. In the Ladies classes Sheila Pearce was first  overall and in W40, Jill Ellison won W50, Clare De Faye won W60, Karen Blackburn won W70 and Andrea and Steve Foster won the X50.

The next event is the Malham Show event on the 25th August that Simon Coiley is planning.

The event results are here, the control map is here, and the updated league is here.

pictures credit Simon Coiley

2 thoughts on “Ingleton Report – Well that was different to last year!!

  1. Eddy loftus

    Hi, great report and it was a cracking event in wonderful sunshine and countryside. Many thanks to all who made event possible. The wife and I rode in x40 CAT but I notice we are not mentioned in league tables, as we are planning to ride august events and being new to bmbour do we need to register in nmy book to show in league standings. We are bmbo members and won our cat in nationals in June. Have we been overlooked

  2. Steve Green (@stonivale)

    Thanks to everyone for another fantastic event! It felt and looked more like Spain than the Yorkshire Dales. I carried 2 litres of water and ran out at about the 3 hour mark. Was getting quite concerned until I managed to find someone sunbathing in their garden who kindly refilled my Camelbak.
    I thought the course was well set (i.e. difficult route choice – unless you had the speed to get round the top of Ingleborough). See you in August!


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