Malham blank map now available

Malham Show event next Saturday 25th August

Online entry here   | Event details here

Map and details on for the Bank Holiday Monday event at Duncombe Park to follow early next week.

4 thoughts on “Malham blank map now available

  1. Michael Connor

    Don’t know if anyone has noticed but BMBO website has become ” not secure” so I haven’t entered any events yet. It warns people not to put sensitive information such as log in password or credit card details.
    So I haven’t.

  2. nymbo Post author

    Hi Michael.
    The only details stored on BMBO are you age/category and event entered Once past those payment details are all done by Barclaycard Business with the standard bank security features for your payment card. You’ll see you change websites to “Barclays PLC” when you get to that stage.
    Entry on the day should be ok too – email if you want to reserve a map.
    I’ll get the BMBO team to check the error too – could you let me know what browser you’re using, or possibly email a screenshot to I don’t get that problem on Safari, Firefox or Microsoft Edge.

  3. john houlihan

    Hi Michael, thanks for your email. BMBO is moving to a new service so that your browser does not get this issue. While it is not a problem, more browsers have higher security settings and this now being flagged in newer browsers. ALL our banking is processed by our bank and BMBO do not hold or process any secure data at all. BMBO does not even transfer data to the bank, the whole transaction is done by them. many thanks BMBO

    1. Michael Connor

      Thanks everyone.
      It was flagged up by Google Chrome.
      I will enter events tonight.


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