Ellerton Lake Saturday 10th November – map now available

Next Saturday (10th) is the first our our five winter “treasure hunt” events.

Enter online here, by midnight Wednesday, or reserve a mail by sending an email here

The blank map for the event is below – Tim’s created a unique format for this event, although I’d need to get my old school protractor out to determine the exact angle of the map. Whether the course map is in the same format remains to be seen…


2 thoughts on “Ellerton Lake Saturday 10th November – map now available

  1. stevewillis3

    The event map is in the same format as it is 1-50000. If it’s orientated to North it prints at 1-60000!! Hopefully it will be easy to read when it’s on your mapboard. Only 15 pre-entries at 6pm on Monday!!

  2. stevewillis3

    The café opens at 9.00 so bacon butties and coffee will be on sale.
    You can pre-order food at Registration and there is a bike shop upstairs. Full details at http://www.thelakesidefarmshop.co.uk
    It’s a lovely undulating area with lots of quiet country lanes and some interesting gravel tracks.
    There will be a warm and tasty welcome at the Lakeside cafe before and after your ride – and some pleasant walks around the reclaimed gravel pits for any non-riders. Online entries have now closed with 30 riders booked in and there will be 10spare maps for entry on the day.


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