Ellerton Lake – Report, results, and control map

It was great to see Andrew Windrum and Andy Conn riding for the first time this year as well as lots of regulars. It’s a lovely area of undulating North Yorkshire countryside with lots of pretty villages, beautiful houses, quiet country lanes and a few gravel bridleways. They weren’t quite as dry as when I checked them last month but everyone seemed to enjoy their rides. Surprisingly there were very few punctures despite the hedge trimmers best efforts.

I would like to apologise for the map. Not the 45 degree tilt which worked but because I printed the all controls map instead of the course map so you didn’t have the values and the numbers were too small. This was my mistake, not Tim’s. I’ll post the one you should have had on the web page!! As always I thoroughly enjoyed checking out the bridleways and controls from the Lakeside café which made an excellent event centre. Congratulations to the other category winners Zac & Richard Hutchinson (Gen), John Rawden (Vets) and Karen Blackburn (Ladies).

Hopefully, we’ll see you at David Day’s event at Ripon on December 15th

RESULTS: 20181011 – Ellerton Results

MAP: 20181110 – Ellerton Lakes

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