Provisional Results for Bishop Monkton

I hope everyone enjoyed today’s course – Neil did a great planning job with plenty of options. There was an issues with two controls (#7 and another one) so if you haven’t let us know, get in touch and we can amend you score.

The main results are here.  These are provisional due to a small problem at download with the first few finishers. We sorted some but I think the following people are missing off the current results list:

C Adams 375
D Jaques 355
M Barnard 247
R Walton 226
M Knight 225
J Evans 204
D Brown 155

If you can’t see your above or on the main list, let me know and we’ll look into it.

Full report form Neil to follow later.

1 thought on “Provisional Results for Bishop Monkton

  1. David Collins

    A great event – quite taxing with the heat, brambles, nettles & insects but still excellent – Thanks to all


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