Bishop Monkton Report

Neil Reed planned an excellent event at Bishop Monkton, his report is below.

Results here and current League here – still with a couple of missing riders to include. Please let us know if any changes to Age categories etc are needed in the League scores. We’ll update this again when the missing riders are included.

After planning a couple of events in Nidderdale in 2017 and 2018 it was felt worthwhile planning an event in a slight different area hence Bishop Monkton near Ripon.

This is an area that I generally don’t ride in but I enjoyed my planning rides in February to May. I liked the more gentle undulating topography and variety of farm tracks, bridleways, single track together with some flat fast roads. I hoped this would provide an enjoyable challenge and the opportunity to cover a reasonable distance. I also hoped to see some high scores and aimed to set up the course accordingly.

When setting the controls I was surprised at how much vegetation growth had occurred and needed to clear several area of nettles etc to place the controls, however the ground rode hard and fast.

I was conscious of the limited crossing points of the River Ure and the need to tempt riders I into the north east segment of the map which I felt offered fast flat riding but am aware some riders struggled with navigation around CP27.

Also CP7 caused some issues, on collecting this control after the event it was clear that someone had moved the red and white tape approx 10 m south of the control causing some riders to assume the control was missing. If you think your score is not correct please let me know.

In terms of feedback this seemed favourable with many positive reports which are always most welcome. In terms of scores perhaps the area was still on the large side with 3 riders scoring 400 +. Anyway congratulations to all the riders who took part and I hope you enjoyed your ride.

The event was made possible by the contributions of many individuals so at the risk of missing someone out I would like to thank Steve W for advice, Dave R and Shelia P for helping with registration, John D for managing download and the control collectors: Michael C, Dave C, Ray M, Tim and Edwyn E and Simon C. Also thanks to Gill E and Tony BB for helping out with the download, I am aware there were some issues initially but believe these were sorted out on the day*.

*Editors note – final results are still being fixed as it’s a little bit tricky, should be sorted soon

3 thoughts on “Bishop Monkton Report

  1. Dennis Jaques

    When will the results include all the missing riders?
    My result is still missing and I would appreciate knowing .

    1. nymbo Post author

      Hi Dennis – hoping to get it done over the weekend. Sorry for the delay – I need to get the results computer and recompile the files. Dave

      1. nymbo Post author

        Now updated – and yours is now included, let me know if any problems. Sorry again for the delay – turned out to be a bit complicated!

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