Malham Report & course map

Malham event results, planners report and course map, plus updated League Table.Revised Results here | Updated 2019 League here

I hope you all enjoyed the Malham event and thank you for all the positive comments at the finish despite many visibly suffering in the heat!

With the very wet run-up to the event I was getting concerned as to what state some of the tracks may be in come race day. Even on Thursday afternoon when I started setting controls I was in the wind, rain and even clouds! Luckily come Friday and the weather came up trumps, even if it did manage to over-do it a little!

This year I tried to tighten up the course while still giving varied route options and hopefully a little head scratching. With the same start each year it’s hard to change things too much but with all the excellent riding together with the gorgeous scenery I don’t think It’s really a bad problem to have.

Well done to all for successfully battling the heat. It was also good to see quite a few new faces trying the 2 hour course. Congratulations to all the class winners and to Graham Tibbot who took the overall honours. Graham went for a brave start straight over the top to Arncliffe Cote then a figure of 8 east to west with an equally bold finish over the Stockdale Lane climb.

I’d like to thank the many people contributed as usual to make the event possible:

Chris Wildman and the Malham Show team for their help with the venue together with Rob Ashford from the Dales National Parks.

Steve Willis as always for all his help with the organisation. Steve again and John Dixon for manning the registration and download.

Tim Evans for his help and producing another great map.

Finally, massive thanks to all the control collectors below who after such a hot day went out and got them back in time for Jeff Harris to take away and set out for his event on Monday:

Jeff H himself who came over specially, Graham & Erica Tibbot, Tim Evans, Dave & Gabe Collins, Neil Reed and Rachel Drew who wanted to get even more for a nice ride out! (sorry Rachel).


24 August 2019 - Malham Course Map

24 August 2019 – Malham Course Map

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