Derwent Valley report and course map

Derwent Valley planners report, results and course map

Event results here | Updated league table here

Hope you all enjoyed the Bank Holiday weekend of MBO, thanks for all your positive comments at the finish, initially I thought that the area for the White Rose event may have been too small, but Ian managed to get them all with a 13-point penalty so it looks like it was about right, maybe if it wasn’t so hot he may have made it without any penalties, congratulation to Ian and all the other class winners.

I was really happy with the new areas we used, Keld Runnels Road through Scalby Nabs, and Raincliffe woods, especially the B/W at the top of Raincliffe Woods from #16 – #12 them down to #26 then the dart down by the old quarries to the car-park in Forge Valley; if anyone is tempted to go back for a ride in Raincliffe Woods please do stick to the bridleways as this is  community woodland managed by the local community for the pleasure of everyone and the bridleways really are the best bits for bikes.

Unfortunately, one rider had a nasty crash on Lang Gate the decent to Wrench Green, thanks to those who stopped to assist, deserving of a special mention is Rob Howlett who rode back to HQ to pick up his car to go back for the riders partner whilst the rider was on their way to hospital, Rob then both bikes and the partner back to HQ and then drove the their car to hospital (thanks also to John Smales for bring Rob back HQ from hospital). I’ve heard from the rider’s partner and thankfully there are no broken bones, but cuts and badly bruised; the good news is that Ifor found the riders sunglasses in the parking field which they had given to their partner for safe keeping when they left for hospital, who then lost them, but has now arranged to collect from Steve at Swaledale.

Thanks to Chrissie at Forest England and James at Dawnay Estate, for access to Wykeham Forest, thanks to Steve, Dave & John for manning registration/download, and Brendon, Dave, Ian, Simon and Tim for collecting controls, thanks also to Tim for the map; thanks to EBOR members for their assistance on the day, in particular John Smales the event co-ordinator for the White Rose.

All the farmers I spoke to in the area were really welcoming of the event and I’ve had no adverse comments since the event so thanks to everyone for that and taking part in the right spirit which make it all worthwhile.

May you always ride in sunlit forests (may be just not so hot, although it was a bit cooler in the shade of the forest?)



PS if I’ve forgotten to mention anyone, sorry, writing this is the worst bit I’d much sooner be out in the forest!

1 thought on “Derwent Valley report and course map

  1. Eddy Loftus

    Just a quick update on vicky.she is on the mend but still in a lot of pain. Shes hopes to be riding at swaledale next sunday. Thanks everyone who helped out


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