East Rounton event results

Here are the results and the control map from Saturday’s event at Roots Cafe, East Rounton – thank to John Dixon for planning a stretching course, and Storm Dennis for laying on some extra special riding conditions!

john says “I may have been a bit disingenuous about at least one of the bridleways, the one west of 27! I think all those who rode it regretted it, some more than others!
Apart from that, and one or two slight quibbles about the wording or the position of controls, I think all you brave souls seemed to enjoy yourselves? It was sheer hell sitting in the cabin with nothing to do but try and work out an optimum route 🙂
And drink coffee and eat cake : (
And thanks to Roots for being good hosts and thanks to you for leaving a good impression.

Northallerton Results final (updated Monday 17th)

John’s analysed the answered sheets “Nobody went to No.2, west of Appleton Wiske, 5 points can’t have been enough temptation? And only 1 went to No.18. But there is a fairly even spread of visitors to the NE & SW, generally 7 visits to the bulk of the controls.” You can see the spread of controls visited here:

Northallerton Results distribution



3 thoughts on “East Rounton event results

  1. Greg Barton

    Thanks for the course and organising, a great ride despite the weather (and aforementioned bridleway west of 27 😱)

    Result for me should be M40 Greg Barton rather than “Bacon” but I can understand the youthful bacon interpretation 😉


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