Next event – Saturday 15th February – course map now available

**update – be sure to read John’s comments below**

Our second of event of 2020 takes place on Saturday 15th February, and is based at the Roots Farm Shop & Cafe at East Rounton.

Online entry is open until midnight Wednesday February 12th

You can also reserve a map and pay on the day here

If you’re planning to come, please do try and enter online – we ran out of maps at the last event! It’s great that we’ve got more people coming along, but we’d like to make sure everyone gets a quality map!!

All details on the flier here – usual 2 hour winter format with registration between 0915-1015 and starts between 0930-1030.

John Dixon has planned the event and the blank course map is here:


6 thoughts on “Next event – Saturday 15th February – course map now available

  1. john dixon

    Roots had a bad experience with a previous cycle event so we have to be on best behaviour (as always)!
    Park up at the far end of the car park, pre-order some lunch or take a chance on ordering after finishing the ride. We are in the annexe, which isn’t huge.

  2. john dixon

    Weather looks wild for the weekend but rest assured! The only bridleways I’d expect to be used are the two quite substantial farm tracks – and the way the controls are distributed a road bike (wash your mouth out!) would probably cope well enough.
    It is a large area with a good choice of routes but to clean up will not be easy. Big points are easily available but to get the extras means a number of short excursions from the central area.
    There are opportunities to cross over the A19 but if you want to ride North or South along the bit south of Exelby services there is enough grass verge on the west to do so safely.
    Good luck, see you Saturday!

  3. stevewillis3

    We’ve only had 17 pre-entries and online entries have now closed but there are 13 spare maps and descriptions for entries on the day. Don’t worry about the weather, it’s just character building!!

  4. john dixon

    I may have been a bit disingenuous about at least one of the bridleways, the one west of 27! I think all those who rode it regretted it, some more than others!
    Apart from that, and one or two slight quibbles about the wording or the position of controls, I think all you brave souls seemed to enjoy yourselves? It was sheer hell sitting in the cabin with nothing to do but try and work out an optimum route 🙂
    And drink coffee and eat cake : (
    And thanks to Roots for being good hosts and thanks to you for leaving a good impression.


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