Richmond Results

Richmond Control Map

Richmond Control Map

Here are today’s results. Richmond Results

Great to see 31 riders turn up despite the weather and they all came back having thoroughly enjoyed it.I enjoyed planning the course in much better weather and hope the fitter riders didn’t mind being forced to head to the NW of the map but it is cracking countryside.

Today’s winners can have a free ride next month so please send an email via the NYMBO web page rather than enter online. 

  • M21 Nuno Cerqueira
  • M50 All Powell
  • W21 Louise Gossage & Clare Barber
  • X21 Gill & Paul Crane
  • Gen Andy & Verity Chapman-Gibbs

Thanks to Richmond Golf Club for allowing the event to go ahead in the current circumstances. Hope to see you next month somewhere near Harrogate. 

Thanks to Steve Willis for organising an excellent event – after such a big gap in our events, hopefully this one marks the start of a successful winter season.

1 thought on “Richmond Results

  1. Martyn Broadest

    Enjoyed the ride today, despite the dreadful weather. Long time since I’ve done one of these events, but looking forward to doing some more soon. Don’t think I’ll be challenging Al though! Thanks to all the organising team.


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