Markington Report & Results

There were 52 riders for Saturday’s event – which was a great post-lockdown turnout, despite Friday’s weather adding to the challenge! A big thanks to David Day for the course planning (and re-planning) and event organisation. It was also our pilot event for MapRun, so plenty to report on. The Control Map, David’s report and the results are all here:

Markington was NYMBO’s & BMBO’s first MapRun event as a trial where we did not use treasure hunt clues or SI boxes. Local orienteering club Claro have successfully put on several foot O MapRuns, both urban & in the wilds of Nidderdale, using Open Orienteering Map [OOM] & OS maps.

About half of Markington’s competitors had problems getting their phones to get a GPX fix on MapRun; Smartwatches seemed to fare OK, although both use GPS ie satellites mobile phone signal is poor in the village. It is not clear yet what the problems were so it would help planning for future events if you can tell us your experience yesterday – what devices did you use, what network you are on, was it successful, how easy did you find it to load your track onto the MapRun website; email David Day with your thoughts. If you want your route uploading please also e-mail Tim or David (

MapRun cannot accommodate BMBO’s standard penalty system so I have recalculated MapRun scores where penalties applied & the results spreadsheet reflects this. When loading your course onto MapRun it is possible to add controls which did not register on the phone & subtract those which it counted twice – this happens if a control is passed more than once. There are some entries on MapRun which do not have a score or a time – try to put this right if it applies to you.

During the event it became apparent that we should have had a pre-start where competitors could fire up their phones & then move to the start proper some distance away where timing would start when the phone recognised the start. The finish had to be at a location which could not be passed accidentally en route to controls as if the phone recognises the finish this ends the competitor’s track, hence the finish behind the pub well away from the road or nearby BW.

The Markington event was originally planned in December, then January, then lockdown 3 happened. The winter version avoided the muddiest BWs but as the event changed to summer there was an element of re-planning to utilise what should have been more rideable tracks. Then ….. it rained most of the week & ruined my plans. Even the Roecliffe to Bishop Monkton road was flooded axle deep but passable fortunately. Now for the results:    There was a tie for the winner on 342 points – Ian Nixon & Andy Conn; 3rd on 293 was young local rider Ben Collins whose Strava track boasts how good is was to not be held back by his Dad!, 4th on 290 was local rider Tim Evans no doubt using his experience of the area. First lady was the evergreen Andrea Foster on 277, Sue Booth came next with 260;  Please check your scores & times & advise me if they are wrong; ‘no track’ means there was no track of the ride submitted to the MapRun website, ‘manual MapRun’ means that no track was submitted but controls visited were entered manually. You can look at others’ routes by clicking on their track & entering the PIN on the back of your map. One rider failed to report to the finish which did cause some concern to the organising team about the well being of that rider, thankfully located safely at home later.

David Day       Planner 

NameAgeClasstime takenscorepenaltynet scoretrack system
Ian NixonM2102:09355-13342MapRun
Christopher DoddM2102:08275-11264no track
ian NightingaleM4001:58190190MapRun
andy connM5002:09355-13342MapRun
Tim EvansM5002:00290290MapRun
Simon CaldwellM5002:04285-4281MapRun
Andrew WindrumM5002:05270-5265no track
Philip WilliamsM5002:05265-5260no track
Stephen CollinsM5002:05260-5255no track
David CollinsM5002:05240-5235no track
Dougie NisbetM5002:11245-20225manual MapRun
Richard WiseM5002:03205-3202MapRun
Colin JohnsonM5001:55200200no track
Graham FarrellM5001:55200200no track
Oliver AndersonM5001:55200200no track
Tim Edwards/Bryan Websdale M5002:02155-2153no track
Graham RamsdenM5001:55105105no track
Tony Brand-BarkerM6001:55250250MapRun
Chris SwiftM6002:03250-3247manual MapRun
Steven WoodM6001:57245245MapRun
Alan KitchenerM6002:05250-5245manual MapRun
Jeff HarrisM6002:16265-50215no track
Ian GrantM6001:55200200no track
mark kerrM6001:55200200MapRun
Mike BarnardM6002:05145-5140MapRun
John DeightonM6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Steve WillisM7001:55265265MapRun
Tony ThornleyM7002:11240-20220manual mapRun
Carmen ElphickW4001:53105105MapRun
Sue BoothW5001:56260260no track
Sarah SladeW5002:00225225manual Maprun
Helen BagleyW5001:499595MapRun
Angela Brand-BarkerW6002:01215-1214no track
Ceri WilliamsW6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Liz PottertonW6001:257575no track
Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis ON FOOTMIX2102:20165-9075no track
Greg Barton/Claire RileyMIX4001:57165165MapRun
Gill Crane/Paul CraneMIX5002:09265-13252no track
Andrea Foster/Steve FosterMIX6002:03280-3277no track
Karena Hanley/Keith dawsonMIX6002:01225-1224no track
Benjamin  Collins Y1802:06300-7293no track
Jeffrey Barber/Laura BarberGEN01:58260260no track
Alistair Broadest/Martyn BroadestGEN01:352020no track
NYMBO #1 Markington 22-05-2021

4 thoughts on “Markington Report & Results

  1. Steve Wood

    This was my first event since 2018 (I think) a bad bout of sciatica in early 2019 convinced my I would not get back on the MTB so I sold my bike, I did get back on the road bike and early 2020 I bought another MTB and was looking forward to a bit of MTBO and then Covid happened.
    So this event was really enjoyed by me including the flooding and mud.
    I like the map run concept and can see how it makes things easier for the event organiser.
    It was my first time using it and operator error didn’t help, I got a signal at first time of asking when others seemed to be struggling, I didn’t here a beep when passing where I thought the control should be but I was aware it doesn’t always work so carried on, at no 8 another rider was there and a distinct beep was heard from his phone, so I took mine out of my pocket and woke it up and it beeped, so I carried on, it never beeped again so obviously it was stopping the map run program when the screen was off.
    Doing a bit of a search on google reveals that Android 11 turns of a lot apps automatically to save battery.
    Battery saving mode is off, but it still puts some apps to sleep, so I have added Map Run 6 to the list of apps that never sleep.
    This is how to do it.
    Go to settings, then Battery and Device Care, then tap Battery, then Background usage limits, then Never sleeping apps, then tap the plus sign at the top, on the screen that opens you can add the Map Run 6 app to the Never Sleeping List.
    This is on a Samsung S20FE it may not be the same on your phone but Android 11 seems keen on optimising battery life.
    Do the organisers see this as the future? it certainly simplifies things, if only my phone wasn’t smarter than me.

  2. Tim Evans

    Hi Steve, thanks for the feedback and I am glad you enjoyed it. This explains your interesting GPX trace on maprun. We are looking to get a list of issues so we can advise people in advance.
    The main issue on Saturday was people not getting a GPX fix and I am not sure why that was. I may be going back to the carpark phones in hand to test a few theories out later in the week.

    I think we will be using Maprun for winter events going forward as I think it is better than marking wet answer sheets , if we can resolve all the issues it would be useful for Summer events as it removes the need to put out and collect SI boxes , hopefully Pools event will run smoother



    1. Jeff Harris

      Hi Tim/Dave, thanks for the event on Saturday good to be back, I used MapRun on my Garmin watch which works fine, sadly it didn’t help with my route choice! Cheers Jeff

  3. Steve Wil6

    Hi Dave/Tim Thanks for a cracking course which I rode on Friday in a biblical flood scoring 265 points in 1.55. I didn’t record the finish although I was definitely in the car park so didn’t close Maprun until I got home which is why it looks like I rode 85k. (It was actually 35k) please can you add my score to the results? Cheers, Steve


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