Markington – Final Results

David Day has compiled the final results table and this matches the results on the MapRun site now too. Thanks for all the feedback on MapRun – we’ll take this into account for the second event on June 12th (there will also be a paper ‘treasure hunt’ version for this event too).

NameAgeClasstime takenscorepenaltynet scoretrack system
Ian NixonM2102:09355-13342MapRun
Christopher DoddM2102:10275-15260MapRun
ian NightingaleM4001:58190190MapRun
andy connM5002:09355-13342MapRun
Tim EvansM5002:00290290MapRun
Simon CaldwellM5002:04285-4281MapRun
Andrew WindrumM5002:06270-7263MapRun
Philip WilliamsM5002:03265-3262MapRun
Stephen CollinsM5002:05260-5255MapRun
David CollinsM5002:07240-9231MapRun
Dougie NisbetM5002:11245-20225manual MapRun
Richard WiseM5002:03205-3202MapRun
Colin JohnsonM5001:54200200MapRun
Graham FarrellM5001:55200200no track
Oliver AndersonM5001:55200200no track
Tim Edwards/Bryan Websdale M5002:02155-2153no track
Graham RamsdenM5001:55105105no track
Tony Brand-BarkerM6001:55250250MapRun
Chris SwiftM6002:03250-3247manual MapRun
Alan KitchenerM6002:04250-4246manual MapRun
Steven WoodM6002:10235-15220MapRun
Jeff HarrisM6002:16265-50215MapRun
Ian GrantM6001:53200200MapRun
mark kerrM6001:55200200MapRun
Mike BarnardM6002:05145-5140MapRun
John DeightonM6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Steve WillisM7001:55265265MapRun
Tony ThornleyM7002:11240-20220manual mapRun
Carmen ElphickW4001:53105105MapRun
Sue BoothW5001:56260260no track
Sarah SladeW5001:58215215MapRun
Helen BagleyW5001:499595MapRun
Angela Brand-BarkerW6002:01215-1214no track
Ceri WilliamsW6002:12115-2590manual MapRun
Liz PottertonW6001:257575no track
Vicky Bailey/Kevin Francis ON FOOTMIX2102:20165-9075no track
Greg Barton/Claire RileyMIX4001:55165165MapRun
Gill Crane/Paul CraneMIX5002:09265-13252no track
Andrea Foster/Steve FosterMIX6002:03280-3277no track
Karena Hanley/Keith dawsonMIX6002:01225-1224no track
Benjamin  Collins Y1802:06300-7293MapRun
Jeffrey Barber/Laura BarberGEN01:58260260no track
Alistair Broadest/Martyn BroadestGEN01:352020no track
Markington 22May 2021 |Final Resulrs

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