Provisional results from Pool – updated 13/06/21 21:41

Here are the provisional results from yesterdays event – hopefully everyone had a great ride! Tony’s noted a few issues with MapRun results – so if there’s something on the table below that’s not quite right please drop him an email ( Full report to follow later.

V2First nameSurnameClassTimePenaltiesMapRun PointsManual amendmentsTOTAL
1Ian NixonM213.17604300370
2Ian FurlongM212.5803650365
3Andy ConnM503.0673700363
4Al PowellM503.0673450338
5Mark RowleyM503.0003300330
6Christopher DoddM213.09133400327
7Tim EvansM503.05528050325
8David CollinsM503.11203400320
9Warren MasonM503.10153150300
10Carrick ArmerM403.0552950290
10Neil ReedM503.10153050290
12Simon CoileyM502.5902850285
13Jeffrey BarberM603.0112850284
14Steve WillisM703.0552800275
15Steve WilsonM403.11202900270
16Jeff MewM502.5902650265
16Jake PowellY183.14350300265
19Chris EdwardsM402.5102450245
21Steven WoodM602.5602350235
22Greg BartonM402.5502300230
22John BurkinshaweBike2.5802255230
24Angela Brand-BarkerW602.5300225225
25Robert KingM602.5002200220
26John DeightonM602.5402150215
27Egg CameronW212.2902000200
28Ceri WilliamsW603.0221950193
29John BirtwistleM602.4101900190
29Tony Brand-BarkerM602.1900190190
29John LebeterM602.3400190190
32Jeff HarrisM602.53013550185
33Simon WallerM502.52012060180
34Rachael MarkhamW402.5300175175
34Sarah SladeW502.5000175175
34Richard WiseM502.4408095175
37Graeme/Steve Tiffany/WigglesworthM503.17602200160
38Oliver AndersonM502.5101200120
40Susan BirtwistleW602.5701150115
41Harry DillonM213.24190210020
42Paul / GaryFletcher/HetheringtoneBike3.34lots22500
42David HarveyM603.32lots22500

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