Swaledale Event Information

If you’re coming to the Swaledale event, here are some extra bits of information. You should have had this by email, but just in case you haven’t received it it’s replicated here.

Thanks for entering Sunday’s four hour MBO event at the Dales Bike Centre in Fremington. Here are a few extra bits of information on MapRun.

In addition to Steve’s Spot Prizes there’s free coffee and cake for all finishers.

Any questions or problems, please get in touch.


As you know we are using Maprun for this event so please can you ensure you download the app ( Maprun 6 for phones or MaprunG for Garmin users) older versions will get the points wrong.

BEFORE YOU TRAVEL – Please can you also ensure you download the map file as 4G can be a bit iffy depending on network and whilst we will have the Dales Bike Centre Wifi it will be easier if you have done this .

This can be downloaded using QR code at the bottom or if you click on select event then UK then North Yorkshire then NYMBO then click on Swaledale2021 it will download the event.

ON THE DAY – if you click on go to start you will be asked for a PIN code that Steve will give you.

This will bring up the course on the screen with a background map from OpenOrienteering which is georeferenced,  The controls are placed in google earth not on this map as it isn’t spot on as the extract below shows. The control is on the path not in the river.  We have left the track visible option on so if you think you are at the control and it hasn’t bleeped look at your phone to see if it thinks you are anywhere near and go towards the control if possible, if your phone GPS and the ground think differently we can adjust using the HITMO function after you have finished this increases the search radius and often picks up the odd stray control.

A quick word about the start and finish below is the map and google earth extracts . For the start Steve will give you the map you will enter the PIN get yourselves set up then leave the DBC and it should Ping as you leave or get to the exit, please do not abuse this by planning your route before you approach the start ,

The finish has been kept away from the road so that if any of you cycle past to get that last control you shouldn’t trigger the finish if you do trigger the finish as you pass let us know and we will credit the extra controls and make a judgement on how late you would have been but hopefully this should not happen, and it won’t trigger if you go one way , change your mind and go back as you have to visit a control first .

Please upload your results before you leave so we can see who has won

Steve and Tim are out testing the course tomorrow and will be checking for the finish issue

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