Updated map for Wheldrake on February 12th (online entry closes midnight Thursday)

Here’s the updated blank map for the Wheldrake event next Saturday 12th February.

Online entry here (closes midnight Thursday 10th)

Registration: 0915 – 1015
Starts: 0930 – 1030

Don’t forget that there’s no entry on the day! You’ll need to download the course on MapRun before you set off – the QR code and start/finish locations will be on the website on Friday, along with parking information.

Details here for the The Wenlock Arms in Wheldrake, and you’ll find the lunch menu here for pre-ordering before you set off.

The South York course area is flat and so it’s a fairly large area. The course uses all the suitable bridleways and cycle paths plus I’ve also got permissive access for some additional tracks. Care will be needed on the short sections where the A19 is unavoidable- the section at Escrick has shared cycle/footpaths.

Please get in touch if you have any questions!

4 thoughts on “Updated map for Wheldrake on February 12th (online entry closes midnight Thursday)

  1. simon horlock

    Hi. Not entered an event with ‘Maprun’ before. Does this mean that the course is on your phone and therefore you will need a handlebar mounted phone holder or is it so we print out the map ourself the day before?? Thanks

  2. nymbo Post author

    Hi Simon. You still get a printed control map and printed control descriptions as before. No self-printing or bar mounted phone required. The MapRun app on your phone checks the controls and can be in your pocket / bag etc. It’s more like virtual SI controls – and your phone will beep when your each a control. It means you can ride through controls rather than stop which is better in the winter.
    You will need to download MapRun App on your phone and load the course before you set off – you won’t be able to see the map on your phone though until you’ve started on the Saturday morning.
    FAQ page here – https://nymbo.org/maprun-faq/
    Message if you have any other questions!!

  3. Rachael

    Hi, I’d like to enter this event, but don’t have a map holder, I’ve looked to buy one but can’t get a reasonably priced one in time. Last time I did an event I borrowed one, is there any chance I could borrow for this time?

    1. nymbo Post author

      Hi Rachael. I’ve just checked and our simple map boards will be available for sale on the day – they’re £5. Hope that helps!! Dave


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