Wheldrake event info – MapRun & Parking

Here are the MapRun and parking details for Saturday’s event – please make sure you read the parking information as parking is tight!

The Wheldrake course is now available to download in MapRun. You’ll find it by choosing ‘Select Event’ and  navigating to UK | North Yorkshire | NYMBO | Wheldrake

Or you can use the QR code

The Finish (Red) is at the back of the pub car park) and the Start (Green) is in front of the Guide Hall next to the Chuirch Gate.




Please don’t street park on Main Street (east-west) or on Dalton Hill (next to the pub) as they’re both busy. Here are the main options:

1. The Wenlock Arms has a car park for 15-20 cars. Please park carefully so that we maximise the spaces.

2. Behind the White Rose Guide Hall there is space for a small number of cars – the entrance is narrow so this won’t work for anyone with larger vehicles! We’ll use this for the early arrivals so as not to disrupt the start.

3. Back Lane – this is the best street parking as there are places that won’t disrupt any residents. Turn into Church Close and follow round the corner into Back Lane (marked in yellow below).

I hope that can accommodate everyone!



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