High Paradise Farm – Event results

photo control #26

control #26

Our first league event for this year enjoyed sunshine and only a light breeze – a contrast from the previous few days.

All the MapRun results are available via the appp or at this link. Remember that these results aren’t adjusted for penalties.

The results table, with penalties applied, is below – please get in touch if something doesn’t look right!

Thanks to John Dixon for planning this event, here’s his report:

A few good days meant the tracks were dry for the 53 riders who turned up on a sunny Saturday at High Paradise. The course was (hopefully) laid out so that most people could reach the high scores
and the fitter/faster/smarter riders had to go a bit further to mop up the lower values.

In fact two riders – Andy Conn & Nuno Cerquiera cleaned up – Andy with an impressive 23minute margin. Most were comfortably home in just under the 3 hours with quite respectable scores. Just a reminder to be careful on the public highways.

Catering at High Paradise is first class and many stayed back to enjoy sandwiches, cake, coffee and scones afterwards.

This is early days for Maprun and although the benefits are numerous it does take some getting used to! More than one rider had to be guided by the ever so patient Tim Evans to get started.
There are lessons to be learned in recording starters and finishers but all in all a grand day out

Name Class net score %
charles rebecca mayes GEN 332 63.2
alan olivia kinnear GEN 185 35.2
nuno cerquiera M21 525 100.0
jonathan williams M21 445 84.8
james chilcott M21 430 81.9
duncan archer M40 485 92.4
rik thompson M40 443 84.4
carl vincent M40 370 70.5
michael ogle M40 370 70.5
richard seabrook M40 325 61.9
andy conn M50 525 100.0
conrad ellison M50 495 94.3
philip collings M50 467 89.0
mark rowley M50 456 86.9
jeffrey barber M50 450 85.7
philip williams M50 445 84.8
adrian parker M50 423 80.6
david cowgill M50 420 80.0
Tim Evans M50 406 77.3
patrick gordon M50 368 70.1
dave robertson M50 350 66.7
paul brown M50 325 61.9
mark brown M50 315 60.0
Oliver Anderson M50 200 38.1
paul dobson M60 375 71.4
paul wood M60 365 69.5
Richard Wise M60 327 62.3
anthony jones M60 310 59.0
john lebeter M60 280 53.3
Chris Swift M60 270 51.4
Mike Barnard M60 200 38.1
john deighton M60 170 32.4
Steve Willis M70 458 87.2
ray morris M70 405 77.1
davis day M70 360 68.6
dennis jaques M70 300 57.1
john burkinshaw M70 135 25.7
Steven Wood M70 0 0.0
andy corinne parsons MIX50 325 61.9
joseph serena hartley MIX50 300 57.1
Andrea Steve Foster MIX60 427 81.3
sheila pearce W50 427 81.3
jemima parker W50 323 61.5
joan hanson W50 295 56.2
Sarah Slade W50 235 44.8
jill ellison W50 225 42.9
Angela Brand-Barker W60 455 86.7
Ceri Williams W60 205 39.0
karen blackburn W70 305 58.1

4 thoughts on “High Paradise Farm – Event results

  1. Jens

    Can we have the competition map added for those that couldn’t make it to view and contemplate what might have been achievable.

  2. Karen

    Thanks to John and everyone helping on the event.
    Sunny weather, great views, plenty of well surfaced tracks, map I could read, event centre with easy parking and good food eaten with friends. What a super start to the summer series!

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