High Paradise Farm – Control Map

Here’s the control map for last weekend’s event at High Paradise Farm. John Dixon planned an interesting course that allowed everyone to get a decent score, and Andy and Nuno to get all 30 controls. The MapRun results so everyone’s track if you are interested in checking out the routes that people took. John’s update and event results table in the post below.

MapRun Track

MapRun Track

MapRun worked really well on Saturday, with only a couple of issues at the start and riders losing signal enroute. Everyone managed to upload their results, which is a good measure of success!

Start/Finish arrangements – one lesson from the weekend is that we need to improve the start and finish as MapRun to make sure we know exactly who is riding. Safety is really important and we want to make sure we get that right.

Registration & Start: it’s essential that everyone signs on at registration. We’re going to make this clearer to reduce the possibility of a rider going straight to the start. With SI controls we had a start list, but we don’t get that automatically with MapRun.

Finish: everyone needs to report to the finish to record their time and any penalties. there can sometimes be a delay with the MapRun upload (Garmin watch users are an example) so we’ll make this a bit more obvious. As always, if you decide to retire please make sure you report to the finish.

Emergency contact details: please make sure that your emergency contact details are up to date on the BMBO site. We have a list of riders contacts at each event and will use this to get in touch if we need to – so having your correct mobile number is important.

Feedback welcome if there’s anything else you think we need to consider!

The next event is at Coxwold on May 29th – online entry is open now

High Paradise Control

High Paradise Control

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