Chop Gate Provisional Results

At least today’s event was before its gets properly hot! Certainly my own score reflects how challenging I found today’s course, and my less than optimal route choice!!

Full report from Conrad to follow, in the meantime, the MapRun link for today is here

If MapRun worked fine for you – please make sure your results are uploaded (with patchy mobile signal at the Village Hall this might not have happened.

If MapRun didn’t work and you used Strava – then you can upload your track in the ‘results section of MapRun

If MapRun didn’t work and you’ve got a gpx of your route – then send that with you score to the email address below and we’ll add it manually.

If you were late – hopefully Conrad has a note of your penalty points, if not please email them in.

Send any gpx files to

Let us know if any other issues, finalised results as soon as Conrad is able to sort them out!


6 thoughts on “Chop Gate Provisional Results

  1. Steve Wood

    I appear in the results 3 times ! the blank one I think is operator error, I couldn’t get the track from my watch to upload, so I used the Strava track this omitted no 28 that I saw register on my watch, so I tried again to upload from watch and it worked but there is no track, it seems you can register within the radius allowed using your watch, but Strava expects you to go to the centre of the circle.

    1. Terribletim23

      Steve, I think you cam still use the HItmo function (top right ) on Strava to increase the search radius, if not I will add no 28 to your score


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