Chop Gate Event report & Control Map

Thank you to everyone who competed on Saturday.  We got some great weather and it was good that it wasn’t too hot. Although we did get a couple of riders stopping for a mud bath on the Lordstones to Clay Bank track.

It was good to see plenty of routes chosen. I must apologies for not doing a recce on the bridleway off Cold Moor from control 29 down to 19.  It was the obvious connecting route. Schoolboy error on my part.

I’d also walked down off Urra Moor to #3 but that was a few weeks ago before the track was overgrown with bracken making it a tricky descent on Saturday.

Well done to Andy C for a round of almost 500.

I think the other bit of learning for me is to have the start in the shade on a sunny day to allow people to look at their smartphones and watches more clearly as they are getting ready to start.

Hope to see you over the bank holiday weekend.  Have a great summer.

Conrad and Jill Ellison


Thanks to Conrad and Jill for organising last Saturday’s event!

Here’s the control map; Tim is sorting out the various manual changes to the results (mostly, it seems, due the lack of mobile signal at the Village Hall where results didn’t upload automatically). The MapRun results and the tracks that everyone took are available here (and details in this post if you had any issues)

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