Sicklinghall MBO Report

Thanks to Tim Patterson for planning an excellent course, Jens for another accurate map and the staff at the Scotts Arms for a warm welcome before and after the event. It was brilliant to see so many riders and the weather managed to stay dry (but cold) apart from one short shower. It was also great to see so many local riders at their first event so thanks to whoever spotted the information and encouraged their mates to join in.
I thoroughly enjoyed my ride apart from the soft bridleway between 27 and 22. Other riders had similar problems finishing via 22 and 7 when the best route was probably out and along the roads. The leading riders managed to work out when to go round via roads and when to use short sections of bridleway. There were a few mechanical problems and punctures as can be expected but at least my tyres didn’t go down until after I had finished.
There were some excellent scores most notably from some of the local newcomers and the Generation teams.
Congratulations to the winning riders in each category and here are their routes.
John Rawden M50 370 points
13 18 17 20 26 27 14 24 28 16 11 6 21 15 30 29 23
Tim Evans M40 364 points
7 12 23 29 9 30 25 19 10 18 17 20 26 14 28 24 27
Dave & Julie Sharpe X21 361 points
13 18 17 20 26 27 8 14 24 28 16 11 22 7 12 29 23
Nathan & Adrian Parker Gen 335 points
7 12 23 19 25 10 17 20 26 27 14 24 28 16 11 22 1
Alan Hartley M21 310 points
7 12 23 19 10 25 29 9 30 15 21 6 11 16 22 1 2 3 4 5
David Day M60 308 points
13 18 20 17 10 19 25 29 9 30 15 21 6 11 22 1 7
If there are any errors in the results please let me know
If you weren’t here is the map if you want to have a go in your own time.

Map of Sickinghall MBO 11-Dec-2011

Map of Sickinghall MBO

Unfortunately a couple of the descriptions were wrong as the control locations were moved at short notice but not the description sheet. I hope it didn’t spoil your ride. Also, 3 riders were seen using the footpath through Stockeld Grange to get to the railway line which was clearly marked out of bounds. This is illegal and doesn’t do our reputation any favours so I would appreciate an acknowledgement and an apology.
Our next event is at the Jefferson Arms at Thorganby south of York on Saturday 21st January so I hope you can make it. The highest features on the map are the railway bridges but there are plenty of bridleways so it’s up to you which type of bike to bring. I hope you can make it as Andy Gibbs has planned an excellent course which includes another disused railway line – my favourite type of bridleway in winter!!
Merry Christmas
PS We will be back from Samoens in time for the next event and our apartment is still available for a few weeks if you want to ski this winter.

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