National Weekend at Cropton

Here are both Score event maps

2014 Cropton and Newtondale 30000 Working Drawing with Controls 17th June

2014 Rosedale 50000 Working Drawing with Controls 6th July

Here are the combined Score events results

National Champs Combined Results

Here are the combined results for all 3 events

Cropton Weekend Combined Results

Splits for all 3 events are on the Results page

National Weekend Organiser’s Comments

The New Inn made an excellent event centre for a busy weekend of mountain bike orienteering which was blessed with beautiful weather until Saturday night followed by some of the wettest, muddiest riding this year on Sunday. Camping was idyllic and the planners had designed three very different but testing courses – and at least the sun returned for the prizegiving.

Thanks to Emily Benham and Jens for 3 excellent maps, the helpers and especially the control collectors who went out after their rides.

MTBO Saturday morning

It was a 3k ride to the start which warmed everybody up then a furious dash around the forest with Al Powell, Tim Evans and Euan Tebbitt leading the field on the 3 courses. There was some confusion as to what was legal riding as Andrew had planned some legs where riders had to cut through the forest. Unfortunately, we hadn’t realised that this isn’t allowed at IOF events but, as most of our riders didn’t know this and Andrew had said to some riders that it was ok, we have decided not to amend the results. Apologies to Charley who rode to IOF standard and lessons for Andrew and me for next time – if we’re asked!!

MBO Score – Cropton Forest

It was good warm up for the afternoon event planned by Michael Brough who had given us an excellent spread of controls across both forests. Andrew Windrum used his morning ride collecting controls to good effect only missing 4 controls. The forest is getting more overgrown each year – especially after the summer we have had – so some of the tracks weren’t as good as when Michael planned his course. I approached 41 from the north and regretted it – but the lovely bridleway down through 55 made up for it.

MBO Score – Rosedale

It’s a pity the weather changed for this event as Tony had planned an excellent and challenging course at his first attempt. Scores would have been slightly higher if the tracks had still been firm and dry but I must apologise for not realising that the competition area was far too large. It was intended to be a 5 hour event initially but I decided to change it to 4 hours to fit into the NYMBO league. I know that the low scores spoiled the event for many riders but at least we all get a proportion of Andrew’s winning score of only 339 points! I didn’t enjoy the first hour of my ride as I plodged across the field bridleways west of Appleton le Moor – except for the lovely descent into Hutton le Hole. Rudland Rigg was tough but the singletrack from West Gill Head through the heather and bracken tunnel was exhilarating. I knew it was going to be a tough climb out of Farndale to Blakey Rigg but the ride along the old railway line overlooking Rosedale then down across Spaunton Moor was brilliant.

Thanks to Spaunton & Rosedale estates for letting us use some private tracks and the permissive bridleway on the old railway free of charge. (Please remember that we only had permission to ride the private tracks on Sunday). We have been able to donate £1 per rider (so £53) to the Scarborough & Ryedale Search & Rescue Team.

Rosedale Planner’s Comments

What happened on Saturday night? Apart from some excessive vegetation growth the trails were hard and fast on Saturday. The transformation over night was remarkable and more like we would expect after a week of rain. Sorry but that was totally out of my hands. This was always going to be a tough course over a large area with some big climbs at the top of the map. The deluge at the start added to the conditions and I was very impressed with the smiley faces and patience of the competitors waiting to start.

This was my first attempt at planning and Steve gave me a challenging introduction with Rosedale and Farndale. I ride this area a lot but still found a few bridleways which were new to me during the early stages of the planning. I wanting to give riders an opportunity to visit many of the wonderful single tracks we have in this area. I kept the roadside controls to a minimum. There was some “easy” riding if you got onto the old railway and took the moorland top tracks south back towards Cropton.

There were two points of contention. Control 86 in the woods north of Gillamoor was about 100m from where it was marked on the map so my apologies and anyone who didn’t find it has been awarded the points. The only other point I know about was some riders had difficulty locating the start of the bridleway from the road to control 91. It is there. The first 30 metres were a little over grown and it starts about 10 meters south of the bridleway post but you can still make out the single track striking south west from the road. Is this something that I should have pointed out at the start? So a few things learnt should I have the opportunity to plan another one.

I hope those that managed to ride the single track off Rudland Rigg to Low Mill enjoyed it despite the Jurassic bracken growth. It’s got to be one of the top five single tracks on the moors and I do recommend coming back and riding in dry conditions.

As a natural worrier the control collection has been niggling me for months especially considering the size of the area. So a huge thanks to those who helped bring them in after a tough four hours beforehand.

Finally I should give James and Sam a mention who ride with my ‘muddybums’ group and stick with me for numerous trips into the area as well as helping putting the controls out, collection and planning parts of the course.

I think that’s it. Manchester airport is waiting for me.

Tony Harker

Combined BMBO Championship Results

Scores from both events counted for the overall Championships so congratulations to the winners although it’s a pity that only 32 riders rode in both events.

M40 & Overall Mens Champion – Andrew Windrum

W50 & Overall Women’s Champion – Charlotte Somers- Cocks

M21 Chris Dodd

M50 Graham Fielding

M60 John Dixon

W40 Sheila Pearce

W60 Karen Blackburn

X50 Andrea & Steve Foster

X60 Karen Clark & Steve Roberts

PS Does anyone know where the Men’s trophy is?

Combined NYMBO Weekend Results

I changed Saturday morning’s times into points and added them to the combined Score event points and was able to give prizes to 6 of the 10 riders who competed in all 3 events. So congratulations to Alan Hartley (M40-702), Charley Somers-Cocks (W50-681), John Rawden (M50-672), Ben Martin (M21-606), John Butler (M60-574), Mary Carrick (W60-315).

Our next 2 events are on the August Bank Holiday as usual.

Saturday 23rd August – Malham Show– 4 hours

Monday 25th August – Wykeham & Broxa Forest – 3 hours

Hope you can make it to them both.


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